Saturday, November 8, 2008

I felt like a teenager again

So last night we went out and decided to "decorate" all the coaches cars that coach Jacob's football team. What a blast. It was Tamerisa, myself, Mandy, Kellie (the head coaches wife) Kayley, Mikayla (Tameria's daughter) and Kennedy (Kellie's 4 year old daughter) We decorated 6 cars and toilet papered 2 of the houses. We put foil on the lawns along with forks. We kept joking we were going to get busted by the cops and were going to have to call Tamerisa's almost 80 year old Grandma to come bail us out of jail. The best car was the head coaches. Which is the truck that looks like a parade float. We left the masks we are wearing in the picture on every car. Luckily almost every coaches family knew we were coming so the cops weren't called and no guns were pulled on us. (1 of them is a detective with the LAPD) We are actually very bummed we didn't win this week and football is done. We had big plans for the decorations. We may just have to do it anyway. The highlight of the night was when Kellie let the dogs out of her yard so they would stop barking. We spent 45 minutes trying to corral her chiuahua, Cupcake, who barked at all of us the whole time. I'm surprised her husband didn't hear us. I really forgot how much fun this was. I had done it a couple of times in high school. Tamerisa and I joked how we were corrupting our youth. Those girls had a blast. They actually did a fantastic job tp'ing one of the coaches houses. I was quite impressed.

My apologies to Dumbo

There is this parent on Jacob's football team that drives me crazy. He drives the other parents crazy. He will tell you his life story, his child's life story, how the team should be being coached, what plays they should be playing, about how it was when he played, how his son should be playing another position because he played it last year and was so good at it, but that was before he packed on over 20 pounds. Oh those pounds are his ex-wife's fault by the way...and hey he will tell you her life story and how she f'd up her son's life when she had a breakdown. It got to the point this season that a couple of us parents made up a signal to get a save when we needed it. You know when he was talking to you and you had enough. We would slick our hair back or take off our hats and slick our hair back. The other day Eddie was doing it so much he damn near rubbed off all his hair. Oh and that same day Eddie was ready to kick his ass. One of the coaches sent Jacob on the field for a play after the huddle broke and we got called for too many men on the field. This was the coaches fault but the kids and the parents went off like it was Jacob's. Mama Bear put the kids in their place the parents....some of them are no use. The man wouldn't shut up and Eddie had to walk away. Eddie refers to him as Dumbo because he's just not smart. He, as Eddie says, sounds like an idiot when he talks. I told Eddie he's 1 card short of a full deck. A friend of ours chimed in he was a suit short and Eddie informed us he is missing the deck he only has 1 card. You know now that the season is over I bet Eddie misses him....maybe i'll call him over for dinner..............

I'm back!!!!!!!!

Oh man do I need to get back to blogging. Especially on my vent blog!!!!!!!!!! I hope to be back full force so stay tuned..............

Friday, September 12, 2008

Married Man Song

My friend sent me this. It's pretty funny!!!

Teenage Angst

So this week my daughter broke up with her boyfriend. The boyfriend we caved and let her have after saying she couldn't have one. (that won't happen again) I don't know the full details just know some crap went down at the movies with the group of friends they were with, my friend picked her daughter and mine up and my daughter broke it off late that night. Of course the typical teenage guy i'm so sorry calls and texts (new day and age) came. It got to be so much that Eddie took the phone. No more calls, no more texts. He called the parents told them Kayley was in trouble (texting going on later than she's allowed) and he needed their help. We got it, they are cool people! Dad laid down the boyfriends, no dating until you are a sophmore in high school, no exceptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't try to sneak around too many people in this town know us and we will find out. She's fine with it and she actually gave up her phone willingly. I think it was getting to be too much for her. So what happens yesterday. A boy she's known for quite awhile asked her "out" . She said she about died! She used the oh I was really hurt by the last guy I went "out" with (watching too much Gossip Girl) and by the way my Dad would kill me if he found out I had a boyfriend again. More than anything she's shocked that this happened so quickly after she broke up with this other guy.

I really do miss the days of her biggest crisis or problem was she spilled something on her outfit, she struck out while playing softball or her best friend told her she wasn't her friend anymore at recess only to be her best friend again at lunch. I only can hope I don't have this much angst with the boys. If so i'll have to have a permanent every 2 week appt at the hairdresser to color out the gray hairs. LOL!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I hurt my arm tonight. I actually would like to saw it off right now it would feel a lot better. It really flared up at Jacob's football practice and our team medic checked it out. He thinks I've strained my rotor cuff. We went thru the what did you do today. He was even being humerous asking if I went shopping today and spent too much money and hurt myself carrying the bags. HAHA! We finally determined I did it taking the baseball equipment out of my car (which Eddie was supposed to do last night) and lifting my box full of stuff for football. (i'm responsible for this rolling box that has all kinds of stuff in it. It can get very heavy.) He says you have an SUV don't you? Yes I do. He then said did you just reach in for the stuff it pull it out and twist your body to put it down. Of course I did, why would I lift things the correct way and open the doors it's easier just to open the hatch and pull the stuff out! BINGO!!! There's what I did wrong. I lifted my nice heavy box incorrectly and messed up my rotor cuff. He told me to take Motrin and ice it. Luckily one of the Mom's overheard and said here take this it's the "good" ibuprophen. She is a nurse in the surgery ward at a hospital so she has the nice "high powered" ibuprophen. So here I sit arm propped and iced. Oh and no Eddie wasn't there to help me tonight. He was getting a new store turned over and had been gone since 6 this morning. He called me at 730p on his way home and told me he'd be there to help me get all my stuff in the car and load it for me. What a guy!!!! No wonder I love him so much. Now I just have to hope it feels better by tomorrow. It's laundry day and I have a ton to do and can't have this weighin me down.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

30 days

In 30 days I will celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary with this wonderful man. For as long as I can remember we planned on going away for a nice romantic weekend just the two of us. We didn't know where we were going to go we just knew we were going somewhere. Then something changed all that. The kids! With Jacob playing football and having games on Saturday those plans flew out the window. Neither one of us is willing to miss Jacob's game, which also includes Kayley cheering later in the day and Grant's baseball game somewhere in the mix. So we'll probably end up at a nice dinner the night of our anniversary and maybe just maybe we can sneak away for the day on Sunday just the two of us. My goal now is to get away for a weekend sometime this winter when the kids have a lull between sports. (if there is a lull!)