Saturday, November 8, 2008

I felt like a teenager again

So last night we went out and decided to "decorate" all the coaches cars that coach Jacob's football team. What a blast. It was Tamerisa, myself, Mandy, Kellie (the head coaches wife) Kayley, Mikayla (Tameria's daughter) and Kennedy (Kellie's 4 year old daughter) We decorated 6 cars and toilet papered 2 of the houses. We put foil on the lawns along with forks. We kept joking we were going to get busted by the cops and were going to have to call Tamerisa's almost 80 year old Grandma to come bail us out of jail. The best car was the head coaches. Which is the truck that looks like a parade float. We left the masks we are wearing in the picture on every car. Luckily almost every coaches family knew we were coming so the cops weren't called and no guns were pulled on us. (1 of them is a detective with the LAPD) We are actually very bummed we didn't win this week and football is done. We had big plans for the decorations. We may just have to do it anyway. The highlight of the night was when Kellie let the dogs out of her yard so they would stop barking. We spent 45 minutes trying to corral her chiuahua, Cupcake, who barked at all of us the whole time. I'm surprised her husband didn't hear us. I really forgot how much fun this was. I had done it a couple of times in high school. Tamerisa and I joked how we were corrupting our youth. Those girls had a blast. They actually did a fantastic job tp'ing one of the coaches houses. I was quite impressed.

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